Undergraduate Application Form for Sabancı University

This form is designed particularly for  International Students  who intend to apply undergraduate degrees at Sabancı University  for 2018-2019 Academic Year Intake. 

(1) Personal Information
If you have a Turkish citizenship please answer the questions below;
Only Turkish Citizens who intend to apply as an international student should complete whole high school period out of Turkey!
Please upload your Turkish or Northern Cyprus ID/Passport
(including country code)
(including country code)
(2) Qualification Information
Education Information
Note: Please see the list of exams accepted by Sabancı University
Language Proficiency
Please write your native language and select your level on the relevant language:
(3) Programme Choice & Scholarship Opportunity
E.g 2012

Select the Program you would like to study:*

(In case you are eligible for admission, your acceptance will be given to the program you select here and you will placed to this program)

(4) Upload Your Documents
Please write your test name and upload applicant photo and the following documents. Documents you attach to your application should be in PDF or JPEG version. Screenshots, PNG or Word documents cannot be evaluated.
The image will be resized to fit within the maximum allowed dimensions of 120x150 pixels.
Transcript (Latest transcript should be uploaded into the system and also the hard copy (signed and stamped) should be sent to university by post)
(5) Application To Other University
If you apply for other universities, it is expected to fill out the information on this part. If you don’t apply for any other university, please check the box “I do not have applications to other universities”
(6) To Finish Your Application Please Certify
I highly confirm that all the information provided on this application form is correct and true. I understand that my application or enrollment can be cancelled if the information and/or documents supplied are found to be incorrect, false or distorted.

I understand that I am required to submit my up to date hard copy original official transcript from my entire secondary school education I have attended, together with other required application documents. I understand that my application evaluation process can continue if I deliver required hard copy documents to Sabancı University, Student Resources Unit right after submitting my online application but before the application deadline.

Thank you for your interest to Sabancı University. By submitting this form, your application is received by Sabancı University. You will be informed about the progress of your admission process, normally within 4-5 weeks after your original transcript is received by the university. Sabancı University affirms that all application materials become the confidential property of the Admissions Committee and are not returnable.

Contact:  Sabancı University
                Student Resources Unit
                Orhanlı 34956 Tuzla-Istanbul- Turkey
                E-mail: studentinfo@sabanciuniv.edu/ug-admissions@sabanciuniv.edu
                Web : http://www.sabanciuniv.edu.