Foreign Identity Number

As the requirement of a recent regulation, every foreign resident, like Turkish citizens should have an identity number given by the Turkish Republic. This number is used in Information System as well. This number is used while producing a student certificate, during the graduation, etc. After obtaining the resident permit you receive this number and you are required to inform Student Resources.

How to find out the Foreign Identity Number?

1. Click on

2. Click on ‘Doğum Yılı ve İkamet Tezkere No ile Yabancı Kimlik NoSorgulama’ and then make an inquiry by entering

 a) ‘Doğum Yılı’(Birth Year),

 b) İkamet Tezkere No (Residence Permit Number- which is a number on the first page of your Residence Permits, like 31/112233)

 c) Resim doğrulama (the number you see on the bottom is to be entered on the blank). Finally, click on ‘Sorgula’.

3. The inquiry results in an 11 digit number (Yabancı Kimlik No) generally starting with 99. Record this number and submit it to Student Resources Unit.

4. There is another possibility that the inquiry may not give you a number. In this case you need to go to Security Office/Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü and learn your foreign identity number and submit it.

5. WARNING: This process should be done at once.