Online Application for Outgoing Students

Before eligible students start submitting the online form, they should prepare up to 5 university preferences and Financial Commitment Form (ENG / TR)  (signed by them and their guardian)

The rest is very simple!

- Login
- Select your preferences
- Upload your Financial Commitment Form
- Save/Submit your application form

You can edit and submit your application as much as you like until the given deadline! You can also check our Manual if you still have questions!

Important Deadlines:
Main Call: 06.02.2017-01.03.2017 (09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
1st Late Call: 22.03.2017-10.04.2017 (09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
2nd Late Call: 24.04.2017-08.05.2017 (09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
3rd Late Call: 05.06.2017-19.06.2017 (09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
4th Late Call: 03.07.2017-17.07.2017  (09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
5th Late Call: 01.08.2017-15.08.2017 (09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
6th Late Call: 05.09.2017-19.09.2017(09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
7th Late Call: 02.10.2017-16.10.2017(09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)