Important Dates and Deadlines

important dates

 Office Hours

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Application Periods

Main Call: 06.02.2017-01.03.2017 (09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
1st Late Call: 22.03.2017-10.04.2017 (09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
2nd Late Call: 24.04.2017-08.05.2017 (09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
3rd Late Call: 05.06.2017-19.06.2017 (09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
4th Late Call: 03.07.2017-17.07.2017  (09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
5th Late Call: 01.08.2017-15.08.2017 (09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
6th Late Call: 05.09.2017-19.09.2017(09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)
7th Late Call: 02.10.2017-16.10.2017(09:00 a.m-04:00 p.m)

We invite you to attend one of the information sessions to get further information on application procedure:

The information sessions for the main call are conducted frequently during the application period and will be announced to students.