Spring Therapy


Written By Sabancı University Student: Vardah Muhammad

Spring is here and the flowers are blooming. They don’t bloom like this anywhere else other than Sabanci University.

The favorite past time of most students here during this weather is sitting on the grass between the faculties. The hills covered in grass, the trees flourishing under the warm sun and the rose bed fenced facility is the best therapy towards the end of the hectic semester. If you’re bored and want to play, we have Frisbee, volleyball and go pro walking. It almost feels like we are solar powered, just waiting for a chance to bask in the sun for even ten minutes between classes.

Most of our evenings during this beautiful season are spent near the “pool” just reading or drinking tea. It’s not a real pool, but, a very well maintained fountain that magically cools and calms you down after a long day. Sounds like a joke but it isn’t.

Another spring perk, the Offtown festival is around the corner and we can’t wait! The festival is definitely the most awaited event of the year, when all of Sabanci gets together to celebrate the end of another year over the course of an entire weekend. Music, food and games is how we do it. You should witness how the whole campus turns into a carnival for the weekend, with a stage on one corner, a paintball arena in the other and everything else in between. Play hard before we get to the exams!