Offtown 2015


Written By Sabancı University Student: Vardah Muhammad

Offtown 2015 was probably the best organized offtown festival that I have had the privilege to attend during my 4 years here. I was so busy studying and wrapping up the last week of the semester that I had totally forgotten that it is that time of the year already! It was a bit weird noticing how everyone had started dressing up like its Coachella randomly till I went to the faculty area and saw the stage being set up and the stalls being put up. The atmosphere of Sabanci University had suddenly changed.

It all began with the slow drumming and test checks of the musicians on stage, getting ready to play. There was a long list of bands ready to play throughout the two day festival. They were all very good, playing their own versions of popular songs amongst some of their own. It was a great ambience. The music played non-stop, day and night the whole weekend.

The food was great! Personally, I think it was the best of the years. My personal favorite was the tavuklu pilav stand that had at least 6 different types of rice to chose from, each very delicious. We had everything ranging from churros to Burger King. The free macchiatos, lattes and juices were perfect to kill the heat.

Right towards the end of the whole carnival that spread down the faculty area was the paintball arena, fooseball section and the League of Legends gaming area, amongst various other outdoor games- something for everyone. You could see people of all ages out and about playing with other people they probably met for the first time. The little kids were the cutest, playing tug of war together and running around.

The last event of the whole festival and the most awaited one, the live concert, was the perfect way to end it all. The amphitheater had been transformed to a concert arena and it looked magical. You could just touch the happiness in the air around you at the concert with everybody singing and dancing.