Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training / Ref: 2017-1-TR01-KA103

Monday, January 08, 2018

Deadline for the applications: 15.02.2018

Why Get Involved?

► Opportunity to have training in Europe
► Generate new ideas and best practice
► Exchange expertise and experience
► Enhance the international dimension of your institution
► Develop your international networks

Who is eligible?

Admistrative staff of SU.

Where can you go?

You can go to any of the following:

► European Higher education institution holding Charter (Web:

► European Enterprise, Organization  

Conference attendance is not an eligible activity for staff exchange program!!


Please click the following link for daily grants:

Timeline of the activity:

For the 2017-1-TR01-KA103-038260 Project Call, mobility activity should take place until 31/05/2019.

Our total budget for all applications is 6.350 € (Approximately 5-6 Staff)

Priority will be given to the following:

► Staff members  who have never benefited from the experience: + 2  (will not be applied to staff working at SU less than 1 year)

► An institution that has never been visited :    +1

►  A Country that has never been visited:    +1 (Check previous years)

► Work experience at SU:  + n working years at SU.  If n> 6 then the participant will receive max. 6 pnts.

► A visit to locations where we currently have Erasmus students studying   +1                                                                                 

► Application from a unit that has never been involved +1

► Veterans +10

► Staff with disability +10

► Visiting country of nationality -10

► Benefiting from the programme  in the last 3 years:    ( - n times x -3)

► If the number of applications exceed number of mobilities coverable with the budget, application with the highest grade from the same unit will be granted.


How to Apply?

1. Please log in with your SU ID number and password to our online system

2. Fill out the form

3. Please select "Other" in "What is the name of the institution you plan to visit?" part, and write down the name of the host institution.

4. Attach your Work Plan, filled out by you, and signed by you and the host institution. The application will not be accepted without completed Work Plan attachment. 

You may find the partner universities list for 2017-2018 academic year, chosen by our outgoing students here

A staff week search engine can be found here: (This search engine does not contain all activities, it is shared as an example)

Please complete the procedure via online form, attache the documents and if you have questions, please contact:  
IRO Responsible for staff training inquires: Ceyda Karadaş (Tel: 9627) or e-mail

Announcement of the results: The Exchange Committe plans to make the selections after two weeks  of the announced deadline.  IRO will sign a contract with the selected candidates.

Payments:  Payments will be transferred to selected candidates’ € accounts one week before their departure. IRO will guide you on this process once your grant is approved.

After The Training Mobility:

The below forms should be filled in and sent to the SU International Relations Office for proper management of the funds allocated for Training Mobility.     

 ► Confirmation of participation (Upon your return) 
 ► Boarding  passes  (Upon your return)
 ► Mobility Tool Report   (IRO will register you to EU’s portal upon your return. The system will send you an online survey) (Upon your return)