Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching / Ref: 2017-1-TR01-KA103

Monday, January 08, 2018

Deadline for the call: 15.02.2018

Duration of teaching period:  The visit to a host university can last min 2 to 5 days and preferably (5 days teaching + 2 days travel).  Please notice that a minimum requirement of one hour a day and a total of minimum 8 teaching hours/week is required. The visit should take place before May 31, 2019.          

Where can you go?

You can visit any European university having Erasmus Charter:

Or you can visit our current teaching staff mobility partners

How to Apply for the Grant ?

1. Faculty members must contact their colleagues at the host university and agree on a Teaching Assignment Form. This document must be signed and stamped by the host institution, and must be attached to the online form.

2. The form must be submitted via online form

3. After IRO receives the signed and stamped assignment form, the exchange committee of Sabancı University will assess the applications and decide who will receive the Erasmus grant.

The teaching activity can take forms of lecture and seminar that should be fully integrated into the study program of the host institution.

Daily grants for 2017 – KA103 Project (€):

Group 1 (Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, UK): 144 €
Group 2 (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus,  Czech Repub., Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy,Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Poland, Romania): 126 €
Group 3: (Macedonia, Germany, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Slovak Repub., Spain) : 108 €
Group 4: (Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia): 90 €
Travel Support:
-10-99 km: 20 €
-100 - 499 km: 180 €
-500  - 1999 km : 275 €
-2000 - 2999 km : 360 €
-3000 - 3999 km : 530 €
-4000 - 7999 km: 820 €
-8000 and above: 1300 €

Distance Calculator: 

Selection Priorities

Our total budget for all applications is 8250 € (Approximately 7-8 Staff).
Priority will be given to the following applications:      

* Staff members  who have never benefited from the experience: + 2  (will not be applied to staff working at SU less than 1 year)
* An institution that has never been visited  :    +1 (Check previous years)
* A Country that has never been visited:    +1 (Check previous years)
* Work experience at SU:  + n working years at SU.  If n> 6 then the participant will receive max. 6 pnts.
* A visit to locations where we currently have Erasmus students studying   +1   (Please check the list)                                                                               
* Application from A unit that has never been involved +1
* Benefiting from the programme  in the last 3 years:    ( - n times x -3)
* Veterans +10
* Staff with disability +10
* Visiting country of nationality -10


Announcement of Results:

The Exchange Committee plans to announce the results within 2 weeks after the announced application deadline.

Travel & Accommodation: When undertaking a visit to a partner institution, each faculty member is expected to arrange his/her own travel and accommodation. Some host universities may provide accommodation on campus for free of charge or a reduced fee.     

Payments:  Payments will be transferred to your € account one week before your departure. IRO will guide you on this process once your grant is approved.

After The Teaching Period:    

The below forms should be filled in and sent to the SU International Relations Office for proper management of the funds allocated for TS Mobility.     

1. Boarding passes of travel tickets
2. Letter of Confirmation for Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility Assignment
3. Mobility Tool Report   (IRO will register you to EU’s portal upon your return. The system will send you an online survey)

For questions please contact us at 9627 or send an e-mail to

IRO Responsible for teaching staff inquires: Ceyda Karadas (9627) or please e-mail