Written By Sabancı University Student: Vardah Muhammad

There are bees everywhere. The weirdest kind, all hairy and colorful. Sounds gross? It is actually quite beautiful. There is also this metallic green insect here too. It looks like the android logo except it shines like a mirror; you can actually see your reflection in it. Did I mention the giant spider flies that jump out of the grass in huge numbers each time you put your foot on it? They are so much fun to play with!

Summers here make you feel lazy and slow, everything moves in a daze. However, you cannot let that feeling kick in just yet, right in the middle of exam week. Just a week more to go till freedom!

The campus is so perfect for all weathers. The view is never far from perfect regardless of where you look. The sun literally illuminates all the trees, its leaves and everything around it, making it a sight one can never forget. If you feel like relaxing while watching the waves, the view from the UC grass is a perfect substitute. Just sit back with an ice cream and relax.

The great change in fashion is one of the most awaited aspects of the summer period. Shades, slippers and bandannas, they are all back. Just looking at the festive dressing around university alleviates the sensation of heat and fills you with energy to embrace the sun.

Now let me try to bring that whole image together. Imagine a greatly spanned area of the most beautiful grass on a hill, with a few trees every few meter and people lying around, reading books and listening to music in their Coachella-like outfits. That is what Sabanci looks like in the summers.