Course Registration and Course Add-drops

Course Registration

In Fall and Spring semesters, you are responsible to make your course registrations via web using Information System (IS) in person after fulfilling all the requirements of the University (tuition and new technology usage fee, University Center depts, any damage to laptops).You should follow the steps below in course registrations: Course registrations can be done via web using IS within the dates announced in the academic calendar (within the dates stated in the Course Registrations announcement) Information System Course Registrations can guide you during your course registrations. For course registrations, you must fulfill all the requirements to the University. The requirements are; tuition, University Center depts, any damage to laptops, etc.The courses, those you will be registered, should be determined according to the program you wish to graduate and should be finalized by taking your academic advisor's view before registration. Upon the completion of course registration, you have to make sure that you have registered all the courses you want and check your schedule for any error message.

Course Add-drops

You can add-drop courses during the dates stated in the academic calendar. You can add/drop courses during the second week, following the beginning of classes in fall and spring terms. In this process, which is called the add drop process for courses, you are required to make such modifications personally by getting the feedback of your advisor. Any add-drop processes after this period are subject to the approval of the Faculty Administrative Board provided that your request is reasonable. In summer term add-drop process is not carried out.