Sabancı University English Language Assessment Exam (ELAE)

The English Language Assessment Exam is different from international proficiency exams such as TOEFL since it has been designed specifically for the context of academic study at Sabanci University. It was created on the basis of analysis of what students will need to do in their Freshman year at the university. The ELAE was designed in collaboration with international language testing experts and with input from instructors at the School of Languages.Because the ELAE is specifically produced for students, who will study Foundation Development Year (FDY) university courses at SU, it has several important advantages over other, more general tests. The exam materials are very similar to those that students will study in their Nature of Science (NS), Social and Political Sciences (SPS) and Mathematics courses in freshman.


As a result, both students and teaching staff can be more confident that candidates who are successful in the ELAE will have a level of English which is suitable for coping with Freshman studies at Sabanci University.ELAE exam is executed in two stages to better define English level of student. Certain dates can be found in Academic Calendar. Candidates, who successfully completed these two stages can move on their university courses .


To learn more about ELAE please check following website http:// or contact with School of Languages via All new students are required to take an assessment test at the beginning of the academic year to determine which program/level they will follow.If you submit your Language Exemption Certificate at the end of fall and spring semester within the stated dates by SU, you will be exempted from the ELAE. If you have passed ELAE I, you have right to get ELAE II. The details will be informed to students in the registration period Webpage:

If you do not have TOEFL or other valid exam results, we recommend you to enter ELAE2 exam.

For more information you can contact us via