What is Where on Campus

Student Resources Unit (Administration Building)
Enrollment, course registration, correction of enrollment errors, student ID card, student certificate, name or address, transcripts, scholarship for
current students, tuition fee payments.
E-mail : sr@sabanciuniv.edu
Health Services
The Health Center on the 2nd floor of the Social Services Hall (D2) has a medical team on call 24/7, and has a full-equipped ambulance.
IMPORTANT! Please complete your blood tests Tbc (Tuberculosis),Hepatitis A (Anti-HAV IgG), Hepatitis B (HBsAg, Anti-HBs, Anti-HBc IgG), Measles (Rubeola)(Anti Measles IgG), Rubella(AntiRubella IgG), Mumps(Anti Mumps IgG), CBC ( Hemogram) Chest x-ray in order to fill out your Student Medical Information Sheets online.(Refer to Completing Medical Records.) You will need to submit your chest x-ray and blood test results to the Health Desk during registration.(This requirement also applies to graduates of Sabancı University who
are re-registering.)For details and questions about the Medical Information Sheets:
Health Center
Telephone : 0 216 48399 23/46/24
Email : healthcenter@sabanciuniv.edu
Student Activities (University Center 1098)
Student Clubs
Tel : +90 (0) 216 483 9457
E-mail : clubs@sabanciuniv.edu
Sport Activities (Sports Center) Facilities, sports team, hall of fame, sports courses, tournaments and reservations.
E-mail : spor@sabanciuniv.edu