Second Call Applications for ERASMUS and GLOBAL Exchange Study Programs

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Applications for ERASMUS and GLOBAL Exchange Study Mobility Program’s Second Call will be between April 15- May 3, 2021 until 16:00.

Applications are for 2021-2022 academic year; Fall* or Spring term. Fall If you would like to go on exchange in Fall 2021 Semester, there could be limited options because of quotas and nomination deadlines.

Available quotas may subject to change during the application period due to the Covid-19 conditions. Some of the rules and grants will be announced later as European Commission will introduce new program outline for 2021-2027. Agreement for new Erasmus program has not been signed between European Commission and Turkey yet. There may be delays  In case of any changes, IRO will announce the updated information. Our institution and Turkish National Agency are not responsible for any financial or intangible loss resulting from any delay or problem in the agreement process.


You may apply for Erasmus exchange countries by selecting the program type as “Erasmus Exchange” through our online system.

  • Firstly, check our partners and relevant information on our website. You will be able to make applications for our partners listed only on our free slot list shared through application system. 

  • Please make sure to check partners based on the agreement fields, eligibility criteria, available courses, and the language of the courses as well.

  • You can list up to 5 universities in your preferences.

  • Check partner institutions’ web pages related to courses, living expenses and other issues about exchange. 


  • Undergraduate students must have a minimum 2.20/4.00 GPA and graduate students must have a minimum 2.50/4.00 GPA.

  • Global exchange score is calculated as: Cum GPA (50%) + English Language Score (50%) + Special Condition

  • For language score calculations and newly applied rules, please read the information 

  • Make sure to check the requirements that you are an eligible candidate for exchange programs.


After you determine the universities you prefer to go, you may fill out the online form for application. 

  • Application for exchange programs will only be done online. 

  • Students will not be asked to bring or submit any hard copy document to our office. 

  • In order to display the quotas & other important notes for the agreements, please check the Application Guide in our online application system.  


1- Online Form
2- Transcript (you may upload your transcript taken from Bannerweb)
3- Financial Commitment Form (signed by you and your guardian, scanned copy or photo)
4- (Only for Graduate Students) Advisor Approval Form

You can edit your application form as many as you like until the given deadline. The latest version will be considered as you submit and save your application.


  • Students should have made their declarations before they go to exchange.If you have not yet declared your major at the time of application, you will be asked to select the program you plan to submit in the application system. The program declared during the application must be the same as the program declaration to be made on the dates specified in the Academic Calendar later.

  • Double majors programs: The main program at SU will be taken into account during placements unless students inform IRO regarding placements request considering the second program.

  • Application Procedures of Partner University:Being placed to a university by SU, does not automatically guarantee acceptance of the partner university.Once students confirm their places, IRO nominates students to Partner University. Students have the responsibility to complete application procedures of the partners until their deadline. Partners make final decisions regarding acceptance.

  • If you apply both for Study and Internship Mobility, unless you inform us 10 points will be deducted automatically from your Internship Mobility.

  • You should read Important Information on Application Process which you may find all application details including placement rules, IRO travel grant and other important issues.

  • There may be changes on program implementations due to Covid-19. 


This year info session series will be done online which we will talk about the highlights of exchange programs; application process, important deadlines and the answers of all other questions you have in mind. Click for the dates and zoom links.

IRO Office Hours

For your questions, you could also meet with us during office hours.Please click here to check the date and time of the office hours.


  • You may review the courses taken by previous exchange students

  • Please also note that; the database shows only the courses that our students have taken until this semester. 

  • The courses opened in the partner institution are much more than those found in our database and updated course offerings can be found from the host university’s web page.

Best wishes,

International Relations Office
Outbound Exchange and Cooperation Team