2022 Fall -Buddy Program Application is now open!

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Would you like to welcome the new incoming exchange students for 2022-2023 Fall Semester?

Your role would be to start up a communication line between yourself and the new student/s coming so that you can provide them that little extra help that we all need when moving to a new country and/or join the exchange mobility.

To apply: https://forms.gle/PY2ZULcrAQ3Pzpc77

What is a buddy?

A general must is to contact the new student/s assigned to you and ask if there is something that you can help with (e.g. Questions, problems, general suggestions). You will be appointed maximum 3-4 new incoming exchange students. International exchange students generally need to do 2 things before and once they have arrived in İstanbul: Getting answers to their daily life questions, and get help to complete the bureaucratic steps. That way they will have received all the crucial information they need. Under these circumstances there are also some students who will attend exchange program. However, you can guess that they will also need help, too.

Also,there is the social part of the program: you can meet up, organize activities, help each other and get to know other people from the program. If you are worried about not knowing all that much or not being able to help all that much you should not be!

You can always turn to the staff responsible for the buddy programme at SU international relations office if you are uncertain of how to answer or how to help.

The most important thing to remember when doing this is that it is fun! Both for you and for your student/s! 

It is a great opportunity to meet new people from different cultures, and learn from each other how exciting İstanbul can be!

For more information contact Gözde Doğmuş (suincoming@sabanciuniv.edu), responsible of the Buddy Program.

 DEADLINE 15.08.2022 17:00