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Azərbaycan Dili


Prospective Students For a Graduate Degree 

We thank you for your interest to have education in abroad with the support of State Program. We request you to familiarize with the following selection criteria for the financing of your education in the level of Master, doctoral, residency within the frame of State Program.

Attention! You can participate as a plaintiff only after receiving letter of acceptance of foreign higher education institution.

1.State Program Scholars should be under the age of 35, having completed secondary and tertiary education and are selected  from the number of  citizens of Azerbaijan.

2.State Program Scholars are chosen from among the applicants not completed their education in abroad within the state order in Azerbaijan or Program on their application level.

3.The chosen University should be in the list of State Program.

4.The chosen specialty should be established within the framework of the State program.

5.State Program Scholars should speak the state language and the language requested in the foreign High Education Institution. 

Note: Language or foundation courses in abroad are not funded within the State Program. 

You should collect the following for the participation and online application form.


Prospective Students for an Undergraduate Degree

State program is performed with the online application form. Please get acquainted with required document before using online application form.

Attention! Before completing online application form you are requested to download the application form with relevant documents from your computer. We have a request  to you to prepare copies of electronic version (scan) of  all  necessary documents.


1. Origin of the documents on admission to the foreign universities. 

Defined Official certificate  on examinations passed  on relevant  language of instruction (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.). 

3. Document confirming the results of the examination of Commission (TGDK)

4. High school diploma or secondary diploma

5. Reference and  the last transcript from your  university 

6. Two reference letters from your University or work place (with signature and stamp)  

7. Certificate and awards (if available)

8.Photo page of your Civil passport 

9. Health certificate  – AZS-086 

10. CV (in any format)

11.3x4 sm. (354x472 pixel) color photo. Should be pure white background photo.



Please note that downloaded documents should be according to the names of the titles.