6 months (outside) of Turkey

United Kingdom

University of Nottingham 


Living alone can help you forge your identity, ask and answer the big questions, and you get to meet the kind of people that you never knew existed before. You will run into problems that you never thought you would encounter and the list goes on. All in all, for everyone who spends 6 months in a country other than his own country is doing himself and the world a very big favor. If you are reading this and you are planning on going abroad, well, know that I was at your place just a few months ago and God was I so confused but, let me tell you how it works. The country doesn't matter as long as you are going somewhere, yes you should choose the most comfortable place, make sure you do not care for what university you are going to, instead look "at the city" you are willing to call home for the next 6 months during your exchange. 


Exchange semesters will bring their own sets of challenges so make sure you are ready to face them, do jump on this journey if "you" yourself are willing and have the fire to do so, and not because everyone else seems to be going on this journey.


If you have any specific question about England or the University of Nottingham, take my email (husain@sabanciuniv.edu) and hit me up, or here is my website for further blogs, http://www.husainanas.com


Approach life as a gift, that is how you will be unwrapping presents for the rest of your life. The earth doesn’t belong to us, we are merely renting it, this is our time, so make sure it is worth it.