Greetings from TU delft



Hi there, my second month as an Erasmus exchange student has started at Delft University of Technology, also known as TU Delft,which is the largest and oldest Dutch public technical university, located in Delft, Netherlands.

I can’t believe it’s been more than one month already since arriving in Delft, The Netherlands! Previous month I visited numerous places around the city have started working on few interesting projects. TU Delft, being a highly specialised engineering university has already started challenging me at different fronts with respect to working on my projects and courses. It so far is tough but highly rewarding and I would encourage any determined student to take this leap and immerse themselves in this incredible atmosphere of engineering excellence.

About Delft, it is small city in province of South Holland (Zuid-Holland), where it is located to the north of bigger city Rotterdam and to the south of provincial capital The Hague. Delft is primarily known for its historic town centre with canals and of course the TU delft. Being on exchange involves a lot of travelling and trying new things. Last week I visited Rotterdam (via bicycle) which is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and one of the largest ports in the world. In delft everything is within cycling distance and almost every one living here has his/her own bicycle. For travelling to far cities one may need The OV-chipkaart which is smart card system used for all public transport in the Netherlands.

Whether is pretty nice these days, I have started practicing cricket here on weekends. In week days during day time I work in my lab at 12th floor of the tallest building of Delft (EEMCS TU delft, total 23 floors) with a nice view of city from window. I will share some pictures in upcoming blogs. 

An exchange really is astounding experience. It changes your perception of life, of people, of culture and of countries. So my advice to anybody who has an opportunity for an exchange is to pick a country that interests you and jump right into it!

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science