Nils Rossen, Universitat Hamburg, Germany

(2018-2019 Academic Year)

Nils Rossen

I decided to choose Sabanci University not only because of the wide offering of courses (that are all lectured in English), but also because of the city it’s located in.
In the year I lived in Istanbul I stayed in Kadiköy and took the shuttle to the campus. This gave me the opportunity to experience the personal and friendly learning atmosphere during the day, which supported me asking questions and grasping difficult topics. In the evening and my free time, I would go out and explore Istanbul, a big city full of different people and cultures, loud centers and interesting nature around. The big variety of people with different backgrounds was also present at the University, which helped me meeting and becoming friends with students from all over the world.
During my ongoing studies I am looking back at this time and I’m really happy I got the opportunity to learn so much about other people and their culture as well as about myself. I would highly recommend anybody to do the same!

Simone Naomi Lanzagorta, Fundacion Universidad de las Americas Puebla UDLAP, Mexico

simone naomi

I'm Simone from Mexico City. Being here is a great experience,people are very friendly. The food is totally different from my country but also you can find diversity in smells,colors and tastes. Where to go is my favorite part, İstanbul has many places,all of them are magical and to be honest,such an experience. Finally, study at Sabancı makes you know different people,different ideologies,you can share your culture with others and learn together. I am really happy to be here,İstanbul is a historical city that everyone should visit.


Young Cheol Kim, Sungkyunkwan University SKKU, South Korea

Young Cheol

 I am Young Cheol Kim (Justin)  from Seoul. I was an exchange at SU. Living in Turkey was my dream came true.It has been one of my two favorite countries since I was very little. Along with Spain, Turkey has a very unique vibe, which I guess is the reason for them being my favorites. Warm climate,kind people,calm atmosphere,yet not boring,world's BEST food, beautiful scenary and beautiful sunset,friendly cats and dogs (they really are),some exotic-to-me cultural stuffs and most importantly,wonderful people I met there,and so on. Really cannot list them all here. I loved going to places like Boshphorus,Grand Bazaar in İstanbul and other cities like Bursa,Eskişehir,Cappadocia and İzmir.
I loved campus life, too. Friendly and passionate professors,smart and cool students, music room, soccer field covered with grass, a lake covered with geese, a beautiful and wide lawn between the buildings where I can sit with my friends and enjoy the weather. I strongly recommend you to go to Sabancı and İstanbul.