Dorm Life in Sabancı University !




Written By Sabancı University Student: Purnia Farrukh 

Being an international student studying in Turkey seemed immensely difficult. But the accommodation provided by Sabanci University made dorm life very easy, clean and convenient. Not only did the weekly cleaning service provided by the university make it easy but the fact that it is free of charge for many international students add more incentives for international students to come and study. And if there are any problems, there is a dorm officer present in almost all of the buildings to be of assistance any time.  There is a dry cleaning service free of charge that provides clean sheets on a weekly basis. The structure of a desk below the bed makes living and studying very convenient.

  Dorm Life 1


There are water dispensers available on every floor making cold and hot water available all the time. Vending machines are present on the first floor of every dorm building. There are game rooms in every dormitory building. The TV lounges have large TVs with comfortable furnishing for relaxation. The kitchen facilities are up to par as they provide hot plates and microwaves available for usage. The friendly atmosphere of people meeting and studying or watching occasional Turkish football matches is accompanied with a 24 hour video surveillance on the first floor assuring security as well. There is an extension number provided to all students living in the dorms so your friends can call you easily from anywhere in the university. The internet facilities are really good. Apart from the Wi-Fi in the buildings, under every desk there is a cable connection LAN outlet. The laundry services are free of charge as well and easy to use with washing machines, driers and ironing boards in every building. There are four person and two person rooms available. Problems associated with living in a four person room include noise when you need to study but again there is no issue regarding that as there are always empty study rooms and lounges on every floor in case you need to study for an exam or need privacy to Skype with family and friends back home. Generally, the liveliness in a four person room is better for experiencing dorm life properly. But it depends from person to person. Sabanci University gives a bit of home to everyone on campus. Campus life is very important to all. Choosing the right dormitory makes studying and personal growth better. Sabanci University dormitory life makes on-campus living easier for you to get involved in college life beyond your classes. You are surrounded by peers who are experiencing the same things as you. Hanging out in the dorms gives you a chance to meet new friends who share similar interests. Students living off campus miss out on many of these opportunities for involvement.

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