Muzikus Club of Sabancı University - We can't live without Music !

As freshmen in Sabancı University, I was faced with the question of which club to join for my extracurricular activities. Müziküs was a good option as music allows one to express them and relax after a long week of classes. Müziküs holds meetings every week in B4 Dormitory building where important issues are brought up and the members gets to know each other on a personal level. Being an international student it is difficult to keep up with the Turkish being spoken in the meetings but TUR 101 helps understand the language faster. Last night was my concert in Hangar Studios where it was an acoustic concert. Musicians from the club get to come together and vibe off each other.

 Muzikus Sabancı University

The warm informal gathering helps encourage musicians come out of their shells and come together to play good music. We see a nice mixture of international music in the club, Turkish, English and music from all over the world comes together under Müziküs to celebrate life and emotions regardless of the language. Müziküs even does large scale events such as ‘Akustik konser’ and outdoor concerts.


The choir is another great way to be a part of the club. Any member gets access to the piano rooms with cellos and pianos. For another, activities offered by Müziküs enable members to learn valuable skills. Many of the activities offered by this club help students to extend and elaborate on their music skills.