Holi Festival-The Colors of Spring at Sabancı University

Holi-The Colors of Spring.

On 3rd April 2014, Sabanci University hosted the second fesitival of Holi ever celebrated in the university. The first one being held last year.Holi is the much anticipated event of the year. Holi is the celebration of the coming of spring and in its celebration everyone throws color in the air, dances and basically has a good time with their friends. The event’s standards were by far the best I have ever seen. The colors were washable thankfully and it reminded the people from Asia of home.

Holi Festival of Colors


Sabanci University’s events are always good but Holi was particularly interesting and enjoyable with the DJ playing the music, dance performances and large amounts of color for everyone to throw and have fun with. Furthermore, there were white tee shirts provided to everyone in case the color does not wash off. The mixing of colors and people dancing to desi bollywood music put everyone in state of happiness and it felt like everyone was having a really good time.

Holi Festival 2

The interesting thing was watching the students from further west, who had never been acquainted with the concept of holi embracing the Indian culture. Sabanci welcomes students from all countries. Therefore, it was heart warming to see people from all cultures and traditions and countries coming together and celebrating happiness. It brought everyone together. The bigger picture was that all the students regardless of their origin having fun and learning new cultures. In ancient Hindu culture they say that Holi is the triumph of good over evil. I believe it to be true, as the festival was celebrated with festival with much passion, and let go all prejudice, creed and discrimination. The spirit of Holi is just unsurpassable. We start of wearing white and then the colors that are thrown at us, represent all the moods and notions of life. Such as Red for love, hatred, passion, orange for joy and compassion, yellow for energy, blue for depth and sorrow and etc. Therefore Holi is a celebration of life itself.

Sabancı Students at HoliFest


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