Sabanci University’s Gym Centre !

One has to be mentally fit for productive studies and physically fit in order to live a healthier and calmer life. At a young age, the human body has 'baby fat', which is easier to reduce and shape. However as the human body matures, it becomes physically difficult, but not 'impossible' to maintain a desired shape and figure. While studying at the prestigious Sabanci University, every student has the ability to maintain health and fitness. For those students who have always considered fitness a part of their daily lives, they will not have to worry once they join Sabanci University. In fact, at the Sabanci gym center, students will have a chance to further excel and enhance their fitness because of the high tech fitness machines present in the gym center.

Gym Center 1

The gym inside Sabanci University is at a five minute walk from the main University Centre. When students sit all day long in a class, or study all day long, they need to have something that is physically and mentally energetic, and the best way to get this is by going to the gym. Unlike other gym facilities, Sabanci University Students do not require any registration or additional charges to use the gym.

Gym Center 2

The machines present at our gym facilitate all types of students, those who like extreme work outs, those who like little workouts or even those who prefer general aerobics. When it comes to fitness, Sabanci has all the equipment’s and machines you would need to stay in shape. Machines at the gym include treadmill, Spinning, Exercise bikes, Elliptical and cross trainers, steppers, Recumbent cycle, Cardio, Rower, Pec deck machine, Hack squat machine, leg press machine, Dipping bars, Abdominal Bench, Hyper Extension bench, and even Dumbbells and Barbells etc.

Sabanci University believes that along with studies, health and fitness are equally important in excelling. Research has shown that physical workout is an effective way to actually release stress and tension. The gym stays open on all days and works on the following schedule: Monday until Thursday (9.00-23.00), Friday (9.00-22.00), Saturday (12.30-19.30) and on Sunday (12.30-21.00). So students, come forward and workout for a healthier, stronger and well maintained future!

Gym Center 2