Scholarship Opportunities Offered During Education

There are two kinds of scholarships that students may benefit from during their studies at Sabanci University: Scholarships Granted for Success, and Scholarships Granted for Need.

Evaluations are made at the end of the Spring Term (in July) by the Scholarship Committee every year. Each year the Board of Trustees evaluates success and/or need based scholarships provided during the education and new quotas and conditions are determined. Students do not have to make an application to receive a success scholarship. However, students who wish to benefit from the Sakıp Sabancı Encouragement Scholarships provided for need, must apply during the announced period, commonly in June. The period will be announced at the end of May 2018, alongside all details and information on required documents.




Academic Success Criteria: Dilek Sabancı and Sakıp Sabancı Encouragement Scholarships are provided at the end of spring term each year. Students should achieve at least a 3.00 GPA at the end of the specific spring term in which the evaluation would be done. Students who have fulfilled the general criteria must also;

    • Complete at least 30 credits in the academic year in which the evaluation would be done,
    • Receive at least 3.00 TGPA in the Fall or Spring term in which the evaluation would be done,
    • Not have completed more than 7 education terms in undergraduate programs. (The students who have started FDY from basic level and have continued education in the following academic year’s Fall term and the students who have completed maximum scholarship duration are excluded)

Sakıp Sabancı Encouragement Scholarships (%25, %50 and %100): Students who have accomplished the criteria above are listed separately as 2. class (34-63 credits), 3. class (64-93 credits), 4. class (94 and up). Each list is sorted according to GPA’s from top to bottom and scholarships are assigned to non scholarship students or scholarship students whose existing scholarships are less than the scholarship they would receive according to the above lists and quotas. Sakıp Sabancı Encouragement Scholarships are valid only for one academic year.

Dilek Sabancı Scholarship (%100): Third year students who have fulfilled the criteria above are sorted according to their GPA’s from top to bottom. Dilek Sabancı Scholarships are valid until graduation (at most 2 academic years).


Sakıp Sabancı Encouragement Scholarship for Students in Need: Undergraduate students in need of financial aid, who have at least GPA 2.5, may receive the "Sakıp Sabancı Encouragement Scholarship" in limited number. This scholarship can be allocated as a %100, %50, or %25 tuition fee exemption. There are no class quotas for need based scholarships.

In order to achieve the scholarships during education, at the end of each Spring semester, students should;

  • Apply during the application period (in June) and submit the necessary documents,
  • Have real, demonstrable need of assistance with education expenses

The priority of this scholarship is on a need basis and the scholarship is provided based on quotas. Sakıp Sabancı Encouragement Scholarships are valid only for one academic year.