Sabanci University Library- The Information Center.

The library at Sabanci University is one of the best facilities offered at Sabanci University. Every time I go to the library, I feel as though I’m part of the communiy of students at the University. Thr Information Center sits on an indoor area of 9.165 m2 in the building having a giant dome, which was designed having been inspired by Ottoman architecture. It has a capacity of 600 seats and 300,000 volumes of shelf. In the Center, there are 9 group working rooms with 69 electronically-equipped personal working carrels. The users that are the members of Sabancı University may access to the Internet with the laptops provided to them by the University via wireless connection and totally 480 Internet connection ports and also search terminals found in Information Center. The library is user oriented with a perfect service and high quality facilites. The university understands the needs of the students and provides them with an environment perfect for integrated studies.


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The Information center effectively meets any information and documents needs and requirements of Sabancı University focusing on the members consisting of faculty, students and employees; to function as a source for the enhancement and development of education, study and research programs of the University; to support users' making habit of life long education and use of information for their own advantange to contribute to the protection of knowledge accumulation, use, transfer and protection of the cultural heritage at national and international scale. Ranging from normal homework usage to PHD research facilties the library is a gem for all members of the University. It provides up-to-date collections consisting of information in any type and format and the technological means required by the age as well as to aim at contributing to personal or external growth of a society. Information Center, is a service to the goal of Sabancı University established with the aim of becoming a "world university’’.


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