Dining options & Turkish Cuisine at Sabanci University

Sabanci University offers its students nutritious food which allows its students to have a healthy growth and thus live a healthy life. Students at Sabanci University can never complain about the variety of food available to them. The cafeteria in the main university centre has space for 900 students. Food at the cafeteria offers healthy and tasty meals. A meal menu is arranged beforehand for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Daily menu has been made easier to be viewed by all Sabanci university students and faculty members via My Su à Menu of the Day. There is a variety of different main meals and desserts along with side dishes, sandwiches and drinks available at the cafeteria during meal times. The Cafeteria however has fixed timings of opening and closing. Breakfast is offered from 7.00 – 10.30, Lunch is offered from 12.30 – 15.30, and Dinner is offered from 18.30 – 20.30.


Guvec - Turkish Cuisine 

If Students feel hungry at different times of the day, then they always have the choice of going to the restaurants inside Sabanci University. There are four different restaurants inside the university; 3 of them are located right next to Student Dorms, and one of them is located near the Sport centre. A Variety of different Turkish and International cuisine is offered in these restaurants at affordable prices. After a long routine if students are tired and wish their food is delivered to them all the way to their building, then they know that their food is just a phone call away. The staff working at the restaurant delivers the food to the student’s dorm buildings in less than 30 minutes. Besides these restaurants, there are two small cafes located within the university as well; one of them is the well-known Starbucks café which is located at the university centre, and the other one is called Fass-Hane, which is located in the Fass building and offers a variety of hot and cold beverages along with different cakes, pastries, sushi, durum, sandwiches etc. 

Hangar Cafe 

If Students prefer eating fast food or something different, then they can easily order online from www.uniyemek.com or www.yemeksepeti.com. Food is delivered from restaurants outside Sabanci University in about 30 minutes. Not only this, but vending machines containing snacks and hot/cold beverages are placed in every dorm building and faculty buildings, thus making it convenient for students to have access to different food items throughout the day. Hangar Cafe 2