Student Impressions:Paul Polman UNILEVER CEO by Sabanci University.

Sabanci University keeps hosting regular talks and visits from inspiring leaders and philanthropists. These include seminars about philosophy, architecture, politics, leadership, life, education, job markets and other such interesting topics. The one by Paul Polman, President of UNILEVER was simply an example of how Sabanci hosts such inspiring personalities, keepings it’s promise to becoming a ‘World University’. 

Paul Polman at Sabancı University

Bringing the global world of business to its students with more than 700 conferences every year, Sabancı University hosted a lecture by Paul Polman, President and CEO of Unilever, one of the world’s largest fast-moving consumer goods companies.  Paul Polman gave a lecture titled “Creating a Better Future Everyday Made By You. Paul Polman said, “Interdependent financial structures, emerging technologies and economic systems make management in a global world more complex.  A fast-changing, irresolute, complex and obscure future awaits us.  It is clear that the balance of the world has been disrupted, and we must all take the responsibility to work towards changing the world’’. He spoke of sustainability, environment and humanity. 

He says later, ‘Sustainability is a business model that can both be profitable and have positive impact on nature and humanity’. Explaining that Unilever strives to lead global change thus sending out a powerful message to all students in the auditorium. Capitalization and Globalization were other messages he sent out to the students. The University keeps all the students well aware of the world they live in by inviting such people to come and talk. It is definitely characteristic of Sabanci University and the Sabanci ideologies.