Read The Student Impressions: Dorm Activities

On a monthly basis, our dorm incharges plan a dormitory activity for all of the dorm residents to take part in. We usually watch the famous football matches in the Television Lounges together or watch a movie or even have waffle nights. The Waffle Night is when everyone from the building comes down to the kitchen on the ground floor and make waffles together in a waffle maker and have a conversation together. In every dormitory building we have about four students in charge who plan all these small events and are responsible for keeping the dormitory life for students casual, friendly and comfortable. The atmosphere is very kind and relaxed and generally all the turkish people are very accomodative for international students who do not speak Turkish.   


Dorm Party 1

The dormitory activities are a great way to relax and get to know the people in your building. There are so many students from all over the world in every building that every meeting is so fruitful for all students. The majority though does comprise of turkish students. 

Whenever, the famous Turkish teams have a football match you can find the loud collection of people gathered together in almost every lounge of every dormitory building watching the matches together. These casual activities are another one of the things that make the dormitiories at Sabanci University very good.