Freshman Experience in Sabanci University

Sabanci University is officially recognized as the most innovative university in Turkey. Before coming to Sabanci University, I had several questions in my mind. Being an international student and having had the chance to live and grow up in five different countries, I was quiet familiar with the idea of how to settle in a new place. I was eager to come to Istanbul and experience the rich Turkish culture. On my first day in Sabanci University, the officers at the International Relations Office helped me and guided me with the whole procedure of filling the required documents. Orientation week is especially informative and helpful for international students since they are told about all the things they need to know about Sabanci University and about living in Istanbul. Making friends at Sabanci University is not hard at all because there is a very friendly community present here and everyone is generous and kind.

Freshmen Students 

Students in their freshman year are not required to choose their courses since everyone must study the six mandatory courses in their first year. These courses are Natural Science, Social and Political Science (SPS), History of Turkey, Calculus, English and Turkish Language & Literature (TLL). This system is seen to be somewhat easier for those students who are not quite sure of what they want to do as their majors. Thus in the second semester, another required course to take is called the MJC in which all the undergraduate programs are introduced to the students every week. The MJC class lets students be familiar with all the different programs that Sabanci University offers and thus makes it easier for them to study something that they will completely be interested in.

Freshmen Class 

Dorm life is convenient and comfortable. Several activities take place every month that brings groups of students together and lets them interact with one another. Furthermore, activities like Crazy Night, dorm events, etc also allow students to have fun and enjoy university life. Overall, I spent a very good year at Sabanci University because of its friendly environment and people, and also because everything is easily accessible, and there are several facilities offered to the Students that make university life a lot easier.