Olympos trip by SUDOSK Sabanci Adventure Club

Going for a trip to a place like Olympos is something you should defintely do when you are on your spring break. The adventure Club of Sabanci University known as SUDOSK, plans an adventure trip to Olympos every spring break. You can join the adventure club or you can choose to tag along. Going to Olympos was so far the best holiday I have ever taken. In it you get to make so many new friends from your university and from people all over the world as Olympos is a popular tourist destination. But the second week of April is the best time to go because the beach gets too crowded in summers and the weather is just perfect. A balmy day in the morning where you can go and stretch out on the white sands ad even sleep. A cool breeze to enjoy the sunset with. A cold night to light a bonfire with your friends and roast marshmallows wrapped in your blanket.

Olympos Beach  

Your accomodation is the best part which is a little treehouse that comes in single, double, twin, triple, six, eight and you live in trees amongst the mountains. You wake up to a magnificent view of the mountains and the sunlight streaming over from the cracks in the mountains. The breakfast is cooked live in front of you. The dinner and breakfast is included in your accomodation which is pretty reasonable. There is a bonfire every night in the middle of the treehouses. Where everyone comes to relax and have fun. The bar is the best part with popular english songs playing from it.   

Olympos 1

Another thing to do to when on a trip to Olympos is to visit the ancient Roman torches that have been ignited since the start of time. They are natural gas leaks with the correct balance of energy from fire that keeps these flames ignited. There is a shuttle that leaves every 9 pm to this location. The trip is a 1 km hike through the mountains and you can have to carry your own torch with you. 

Olympos 2