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  • Agreement Type
  • Erasmus
  • Subject Area
  • International Relations, European Studies, Area Studies
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  • None
  • Country
  • Czech Republic


Partner may have none or limited courses in English for exchange students.
Please check the language of instruction for the courses within the agreement that you wish to be​ placed.​
Please make sure to check partner's website for the up-to-date information on language and entry requirements.

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Only students with similar programs to the agreement field are eligible. - If your program is PSYCHOLOGY, you need to select courses in broad Humanities. There are only a few courses in Psychology (1 or 2) so we advise you to check the course schedule carefully. - - - Students have to take a minimum of 51% of the courses at the Faculty they are nominated to. - Students can enroll in both bachelor’s and master’s degree courses regardless of their academic level. There could be some course exceptions. The list of the chosen subjects must be approved by the student’s home Faculty. - For the minimum ECTS, you must take 20 ECTS as a bachelor level student, 15 ECTS as a master level student. Maximum ECTS per semester is 30-36 ECTS. Please note that we do not guarantee your acceptance into all selected classes due to course capacity, scheduling clashes, or any unforeseen changes in class availability. -The dormitory accommodation is managed by the European Office, not by International Office. If you have any questions in regards to the dorms, contact them at after you receive e-mail about application. - After Charles receives your complete application at email, they will check your courses selection and in case of discrepancies, they will come back to you. If everything is in order, the letter of acceptance and confirmed Learning Agreement and Accommodation voucher (if you apply for the dorms) will be sent out 4-6 weeks after the application deadline.

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