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Partner may have none or limited courses in English for exchange students.
Please check the language of instruction for the courses within the agreement that you wish to be​ placed.​
Please make sure to check partner's website for the up-to-date information on language and entry requirements.

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About Chung Ang University

Chung-Ang University has been a leading university more than a hundred years. Chung-Ang University is also a source for students seeking cultural life of Korea, offering programs related to arts, such as theatre, filmmaking, and so, and also, Korean music.

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COURSES: 1- Please refer to the link below - a list of courses offered in English (from Fall 2020 to Spring 2021). *Please note this is only to be used as a reference. The final official list of courses will be available through the online course registration system (portal system) approximately 1 month before the beginning of lectures. Students may take courses from different departments and colleges with certain restrictions. Students can take courses from different departments and colleges with certain restrictions. The following 3 points are the restrictions students should be aware of regarding course enrollment: 1. During the first course registration period, business majors can enroll in courses from all majors, except art courses. However, all other majors CANNOT enroll in business courses or art courses. This is due to high competition in these departments. 2. Only art majors can enroll in art courses during all three course registration periods. 3. Students who would like to take courses in the School of Architecture and Building Science (College of Engineering) 1) Should be majoring in the similar major in their home universities 2) Should have taken the prerequisite courses if required 3) Their home university has to be accredited for Architecture / Architectural Engineering. Most importantly, even if you were able to add the courses on your timetable, it does NOT mean your course enrollment is finalized. During and within a week from the first course registration, we will send you email(s) if any of your pre-enrolled courses are rejected. The rejection usually happens because 1) exceeded the number of pre-allowed students, 2) major restriction, 3) class overlap, and 4) class cancellation. (PARTNER'S NOTE: we would like to inform that it is our school's regulation/rule that all undergraduate students are restricted to take any graduate level courses. So are all graduate students not allowed to take any undergraduate level courses.) If you strictly require your students to take more graduate level courses, you have to propose that these students will be graduate students in the nomination file even though they are undergraduate students in the home university FINANCIAL ISSUES: Financial Statement should be uploaded to their online application. The required amount is subject to change according to the actual living cost every year. (Official document provided by bank, the other documents are not available) (For exchange student, more than 12,000 USD in balance for one year / 6,000 USD) in balance for one semester) 3- if the selected proposed study level is “Masters,” students will only be able to enroll in two colleges: Global MBA and Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) 4- Online DORMITORY application is very competitive. It is a first-come, first-serve basis. If students miss the application period of the dormitory, then the university cannot open more spots. 5- Your VISA application number will be issued after completing our review for your online application. Students should visit to the Korean Embassy in your country with your visa application number and your passport, then you can obtain a student visa (D-2). For all questions regarding visa process, students should contact their local Korean Embassy. For other details, please check fact sheet.

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