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Partner may have none or limited courses in English for exchange students.
Please check the language of instruction for the courses within the agreement that you wish to be​ placed.​
Please make sure to check partner's website for the up-to-date information on language and entry requirements.

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About Chung Ang University

Chung-Ang University has been a leading university more than a hundred years. Chung-Ang University is also a source for students seeking cultural life of Korea, offering programs related to arts, such as theatre, filmmaking, and so, and also, Korean music.

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Financial Statement should be uploaded to their online application. The required amount is subject to change according to the actual living cost every year. (1-Official document provided by bank, the other documents are not available) (2-For exchange student, more than 12,000 USD in balance for one year / 6,000 USD) in balance for one semester) 3- if the selected proposed study level is “Masters,” students will only be able to enroll in two colleges: Global MBA and Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) 4- Online dormitory application is very competitive. It is a first-come, first-serve basis. If students miss the application period of the dormitory, then the university cannot open more spots.

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