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Partner may have none or limited courses in English for exchange students.
Please check the language of instruction for the courses within the agreement that you wish to be​ placed.​
Please make sure to check partner's website for the up-to-date information on language and entry requirements.

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About National Chengchi University

National Chengchi University (NCCU) was founded in 1927 and currently have 9 colleges, 34 departments, 48 postgraduate institutes and 34 doctorate programs. NCCU is known for Humanities and Social Sciences Studies. There are 9 colleges excelling in the Liberal Arts, Law, Commerce, Science, Foreign Languages, Social Sciences, Communication, International Affairs and, Education. Total number of students is 16.000+ and approximately 1000 of them are exchange students. The campus located in Taipei and NCCU's main campus is in the Wenshan District, in the southern part of Taipei. There is a Chinese Learning Center in the campus as well. - QS Asian University Rankings #95 - QS World University Rankings #701+


Taiwan is a state in East Asia with neighbors include China, Japan to the northeast, and the Philippines to the south. Taiwan is the most populous state and the most beautiful island in Asia with a huge largest economy. Taiwan has a modern and traditional culture and in a year 10 million tourists visit the country. The island’s size and diversity lets visitors to experience the landscape and culture and you may visit many beautiful islands in a very short time. In Taiwan there are approximately 5000 temples and The oldest temple in Taiwan is found in the Pengu Islands, and has been existed for over 300 years The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin (Chinese) and English is the most popular foreign language. The people are so warm and friendly with a generous treatment. The country has a favorable higher education system with different opportunities for foreign students. The reasons to be in Taiwan as a student; are stated as safe environment, good quality education and affordable living expenses by international students who have been to Taiwan. Reasons to go Taiwan: Great way to experience the unique cultures and tradition ! Delicious food ! Very clean and modern ! Passionate people ! The world’s largest collection of ancient Chinese art ! Untouched temples ! Sea-level jungles, coasts, meadows !

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The language proficiency certificate is not mandatory but it is strongly suggest students to have certain level of English to understand and follow the class.

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--Course Search Engine: --University-wide English-taught Courses (ALL): -Website: Besides the dorm fee, student will also need to pay NT$1,000 dorm deposit separately, which will be returned after checking out if the room is clean and undamaged.

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