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Partner may have none or limited courses in English for exchange students.
Please check the language of instruction for the courses within the agreement that you wish to be​ placed.​
Please make sure to check partner's website for the up-to-date information on language and entry requirements.

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TU berlin requires: German B1 (regular studies) English B2 (Thesis, Alliance4Tech, St. Petersburg, special study fields, see below) - Please make sure that your selected students have reached at least German A2.2 level – for Dual Degree applicants: B2 - before our application deadline. A B1 certificate must be provided at the latest at the semester start. We require this level from all applicants who plan to attend regular courses. From students of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Alliance4Tech and coming from St. Petersburg University we require an English certificate from B2 level on. Those students who will prepare a part of their Bachelor/Master Thesis can include an English proficiency certificate from B2 level on. They must find by themselves a supervisor.

‣ Notes

1- Only CS students are eligible. Other programs are not accepted by TU Berlin. 2- The requested language skills (German or English) are not related to the courses a student intends to select but to the general language of instruction of the study field, i.e. for most of them German knowledge is expected. Therefore, a crucial part of the application documents for nominated students is a German proficiency certificate (issued after having passed an exam corresponding to the CEFR) on at least A2 level at the time of the application. Additionally B1 level needs to be provided before the semester starts. 3- Important Note for graduate students: Students who plan to prepare their thesis have to locate a supervisor at TU Berlin on their own before you nominate them. Unfortunately we are not able to provide any assistance with the search. 4- Generally, all courses are open to exchange students. Course attendance in the departments of Architecture and Landscape Planning is limited, though. Additionally, access to courses of the double degree/master program "Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability" (IMES) is restricted. 5- Most of the courses (90%) are taught in German but we also offer a number of English taught courses (subject to change). The course offerings vary from semester to semester but usually courses that are offered during one summer or winter semester will be offered again the next summer or winter semester. The final course list is only available shortly before the semester starts, i.e. in late February/March (summer semester) and late August/September (winter semester). 6- The International Office has a very small dormitory room contingent provided by the StudierendenWERK Berlin. Students can apply but also have to be prepared to look for housing on the free market. Detailed dorm room application information will be provided after the students’ acceptance. 7- All information can be found at:

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