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  • UG
  • Agreement Type
  • Erasmus
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  • Business Studies
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  • 3.2
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  • Belgium


Partner may have none or limited courses in English for exchange students.
Please check the language of instruction for the courses within the agreement that you wish to be​ placed.​
Please make sure to check partner's website for the up-to-date information on language and entry requirements.

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SU language letter is sufficient

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1- UGEnt offers courses in 5 different study fields: Business Administration, Public Administration and Management, Business Economics and Business Engineering. The majority of courses is instructed on Master level. Subjects in the study field Master Business Economics and Master Business Engineering have a strong analytical and quantitative focus to develop research skills. Study level Bachelor: courses are instructed at 3th year Bachelor. This means that prospect students need to have completed minimum 120 ECTS in the (relevant) home degree by the start of the exchange period. Study level Master: to include Master courses in the curriculum, prospect students need to have completed minimum 180 ECTS in the (relevant) home degree by the start of the exchange period. Students need to check if they meet the initial competences via the course specifications: https://studiekiezer.ugent.be/exchange-programme-in-economics-and-business-administration/programma/2023 2- Exchange students can only select subjects from the study field and study level linked to their home degree. Only with explicit approval from the UGent faculty international office, students can select a subject outside their study field/study level. This means that students have to proof that they meet the initial competences/course requirements of the courses concerned (f.e. by taking part in a pre-test, transcript of records, etc.) The course schedules from the different study fields are not harmonized with each other.The course offer at Bachelor level is limited! All details can be found in our course catalogue: https://studiekiezer.ugent.be/exchange-programme-in-economics-and-business-administration/programma/2023 3- Once your online exchange application is submitted, you can make an online housing application to rent a student room at Ghent University. The moment your exchange application is officially approved, the housing application will also be approved automatically (in case of availability!) 4- Course registration: The formal course registration needs to be completed during the first two weeks of the academic semester. Students will receive all information about registration during the Welcome Days, just before the beginning of the semester. 5- Bachelor students might be allowed to take a Master course if they can proof they meet the initial competences and the course requirements of that specific course + with explicit approval from the UGent lecturer in charge. This means no guarantees, about the curriculum, can be provided before mobility.

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