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  • Agreement Type
  • Erasmus
  • Subject Area
  • Political Sciences
  • Partner's Min GPA
  • 3.0
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  • Netherlands


Partner may have none or limited courses in English for exchange students.
Please check the language of instruction for the courses within the agreement that you wish to be​ placed.​
Please make sure to check partner's website for the up-to-date information on language and entry requirements.

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Social Sciences: Certificate for C1 English: TOEFL 88 / IELTS 6,5 / CAE C, CPE C

‣ Notes

1- In practice students can now also choose amongst modules in the field of Child Education and Development and Psychology, and UvA presents now as Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, and not only social sciences: http://www.uva.nl/en/programmes/exchange/social-and-behavioural-sciences/exchange-programme-social-and-behavioural-sciences.html 2- Students should complete 90 ECTS background – instead of the usual 120 ECTS. This is because UvA has more and more second year courses taught in English. Students are expected to have an appropriate background in the field they choose Students should have completed (90 EC with a C average (ECTS system) in a relevant discipline before starting in the Exchange Programme – Social and Behavioural Sciences, with a grade point average of C (ECTS system). 3- The fact remains though that for placement in final bachelor level modules students will need to have completed at least two years in the field. 4- The GPA should be equivalent to at least a C (ECTS-system) or a “good”. 5- Courses are mainly 6 ECTS (one block, 8 weeks) or 12 ECTS (two blocks, 16 weeks) and are mostly offered in the first two blocks of the semester. Students are expected to have an appropriate background in the field they choose. Most of the English taught courses are year 3 courses (final bachelor year); next to these courses there are some courses on a more introductory level as they serve as starting course in one of the minors. Next to these courses, students can take Bachelor’s courses from the Exchange Programme - Humanities, with whom the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences collaborates. However Social Sciences students will have second priority in these courses so participation cannot be guaranteed. 6- Housing at the UvA is not guaranteed.

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