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The Selection Committee plans to make the selections after two weeks of the announced deadline.  All selected candidates informed of the grant decision will have one day to accept or reject the grant/placement result.


Candidates will be asked to submit the following documents:
Invitation letter from the host institution
Grant agreement (Detailed information will be given)
A detailed version of the Mobility Agreement signed by all parties
Travel & Accommodation:
When undertaking a visit to receiving institution, each staff member is expected to arrange his/her travel and accommodation. Some host institutions may provide accommodation on campus free of charge or at a reduced fee.

Payments: Payments will be transferred to Akbank € account on the last Friday before the departure date. Participants receive 80% of the total financial support at the beginning of their mobility period and the payment of the remaining part (20% of the total grant amount) will be done upon your arrival according to the actual visit (mobility) dates and required documents. SU International Office (SU IRO) will guide candidates in this process.

Grant Deduction and Refund
: Deductions and/or repayment may apply to staff members who do not fulfil their responsibilities. Grant deduction and/or repayment may take place in case of the following:

• If an outgoing staff member(participant) leaves the host institution before completing the minimum time frame of two days and cannot present a Force Majeure* with proof, the staff’s mobility is considered null and s/he is required to return his/her grant (total paid amount) to SU within the specified time frame.
• If a participant fails to submit/complete all the required paperwork (including the EU online participant report) to SU on time, the s/he will be obliged to pay the grant received back to SU.
• If the participant completed the training activity earlier than the planned dates, the remaining grant payment will be recalculated according to updated dates.
•  If the staff member is participating activities on the same day as travelling, they are not entitled to a travel day.

* Force Majeure is an unforeseeable exceptional situation or event beyond the participant’s control and not attributable to error or negligence on his/her part and prevents a participant from fulfilment

After the training period:

The below forms should be filled in and sent to the SU IRO for proper management of the funds allocated for Training Mobility:


Boarding passes of travel tickets (round trip)

Letter of Confirmation for Erasmus+ Training Staff Mobility Period.

Mobility Tool Report (IRO will register to the EU’s portal upon return. The system will send an online survey)
Report in ppt format (Requested by IRO & HR)
Testimonial (if possible)