Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

1- Health Center – 9923 / Emergency 6666
At our Health Center , the patients are examined in three separate rooms with polyclinic facilities. The medical examinations are carried out, and the necessary treatments are provided by three physicians during the day and by one physician during the night. When required, the patients are held in and given treatments in special clinical observation rooms. For more complicated cases, where specialist help is required, there is a referral procedure.
As of September 16th, 2009, you can call 9923 to make appointments for the two physicians who work in the daytime. The third physician will be available to visit without appointments.

2 - Information Center – 9227
The Information Center aims to support Sabanci University's education programs, meets the information needs of its academic and administrative staff and students, and cooperates with the other institutions at the national and international level.
Occupying a total space of 9.165 square meters, the Center has a shelving capacity of 300.000 volumes and seating capacity for 600 patrons. There are 480 internet access points within the Center, including 56 electronically equipped study carrels and 13 multifunctional rooms.

3- Information Technology Service – 9200

4- Service Providing Companies
Call Center
Dia SA
Era Hairdresser
Eyüboğlu Nursery
Group 4 Securior
Gürsel Tourism
Coşkun İletişim Mail Box
Homer Bookstore - Stationery
Istanbul Laundry
Köpüklü Kahve
Kurdoğlu Cafeteria
Özenç Housekeeping
Piazza Cafe
Pit Stop
University Travel

5- University Housing
University Housing is provided on an as available basis to SU faculty members qualifying administrative staff Allocation and use of University Housing is described in the Housing Instruction Letter and Procedure. The Housing Complex is on the Campus and includes 112 flats in five blocks. Detailed information on University Housing can be found on our internal web site under Human Resources and University Operations web pages.

6- Transportation & Service buses
Personnel Service Buses: There is a service bus to most areas of İstanbul to and from the Campus.The buses depart from the campus at 17:40 from the park area opposite to the Information Center.
Shuttles: Except for personnel service buses there are also shuttles to 4. Levent, Kadıköy and Mutlukent to and from the campus. For the schedule, please see the web page.
You can consult the Transportation Services Specialist (Phone: 9906) for the routes and detailed information.
Car sticker: If you wish to drive your own car to Campus, you need to obtain a car sticker. If you fill out the Car Information section in your Personnel Information Form (PIF) when you start work, you will automatically get your sticker with your Personnel ID Card. Those employees, who did not fill out this section, can contact University Operations / Security.

7- Lunch
Lunch: The lunch break is one hour and it can be used any time between 12.00-14.30.During working days; SU employees lunching at the University Center Main Cafeteria may select one main dish and a total of four dishes from the cafeteria menu. The employee's University ID Card will be scanned by an electronic reader and no payment will be made. Electronic reading of the ID cards will only be applicable during working days and lunch time.
Tea / Coffee / Drinking Water: There are tea rooms in each building which serve tea and water.

8- Communication & Delivery services – 9914
There is a Communication Center on-campus which is located on the first floor of the D-2 Building for the mailing of letters, cards or telegraphs.
Working Hours: 8:30-17:30, Monday to Friday; 08:00-13:00 on weekends.

9- Human Resources
Please check the website below, the FAQ part is very useful for questions regarding residence permit, SGK activation, business card, etc...) :
Please click to view Human Resources FAQ website


10- Directory
Under the Directory you will find the phone numbers, e-mail addresses, photos, ID numbers, birthdays, etc, of all employees. If you log in with your SU-Net username and password, you can view student's information as well.

11- mySU

mySu is the internal web portal of Sabancı University by which you can manage all your university operations and follow up the new on campus.

12- SUCard

SUCard is your smart id card by which you may do your payments such as university shuttle transportation,dining or printing.

13- Kindergarden
On campus, we have a modern nursery, which is called Eyüboglu. It is related to Eyüboglu Educational Institutions, and the educational cost should be paid by parents. This service is available to all interested families.
For more information, please visit their website:

14- Hotel & Flight Reservations
PURCHASES & ORDERS : how to order supplies, Purchase Offices, e-buying, inventory, ...
If you want to order items (e.g. office supplies, business card, etc.) please contact to your Faculty Administrative Affairs Officers.

IT & WEB : sending e-mails, signing in, creating a website...

SU NEWS : announcements, hot topics, events, agenda... all about SU and beyond. Announcements include the individual and unit announcements as well as those coming from other institutions and universities. Please view this page regularly.
How to make an Announcement: All users can make an announcement. The necessary steps and rules to be obeyed are explained in "How to make an Announcement" web page.