Health & Insurance

All permanent and full-time university employees and their immediate families (spouse and children) have Akhayat Private Health Insurance. When you visit Human Resources Unit on your first day at work, you will be provided with a Health Insurance Application form. After completing the form please hand it over to Human Resources. You will subsequently receive insurance cards for yourself, your spouse and children together with the necessary forms that are to be filled in when you apply to a physician or a health care facility.
Detailed information on private health insurance can be found on our internal web site under Human Resources pages. You can also call the insurance company, Akhayat (Phone: 0212 251 63 74) or Human Resources Unit (Phone: 9081-9075).

The University provides Private Pension Plan Insurance to permanent and full-time employees. The insurance covers retirement, death or permanent disability security initiative for its permanent employees. Temporary employees or contract-based personnel who are not considered as permanent are not eligible to this plan. Those employees who are covered by the Employee Private Retirement Insurance and whose insurance premiums have been paid for a period of minimum three years by the University are eligible to pay individual contributions.
Detailed information on Private Retirement Insurance can be found on our internal web site under Human Resources pages.

SSK is the Turkish social security organization. Obtaining a card will allow you to use the public health system. If you are not a full time employee at Sabanci, you will not be covered by a private health insurance, and in this case you can use this number to receive free health services.
After you obtain your work visa and residence permit, human resources applies on your behalf to the SSK authorities. In the past, HR made a call through the announcements for all staff members who wish to ‘activate’ their SSK numbers. However, now this is done automatically for newcomers. It should take a few months to obtain your number and get it activated.
After you get your number activated, you can go to any public hospital (please see list below). Each time you wish to visit a doctor you should obtain a ‘vizite kağıdı’ from the financial unit (mali işler), a document which will allow you to make a doctor appointment at a hospital.
Public hospitals have a bad reputation in Turkey, but the truth is that the services and the quality of the infrastructures have improved a lot in the past years.