Your First Days

Orientation Week

Upon arrival all new students are oriented to the University, to the campus and to the city, as well. The orientation covers presentation by different units at Sabanci University, seminars by the faculty. The orientation is a great chance to learn about practical information and to meet other exchange students. Some of the local students also take part voluntarily in this organization.  International Relations Office also plans cultural trips and social activities with for international students to enjoy throughout their stay in the program. After the orientation you will be requested to fill out an electronic evaluation form of the orientation.


University Enrollment

Upload registration documents to the online system.

·         Applicant’s passport page which contains the photo

(Attested by the notary or consulate as “true copy”/should carry the wet stamp and signature, photocopy is not accepted)

·         1 passport size photo (only required to upload online// this photo will appear on your ID Card. Please upload an appropriate one)

·         If taken before, copy of residence permit

·         Turkish ID Card Copy (only for Turkish citizens) or Blue Card Copy (only for those who quit from Turkish citizenship)

Send University Registration Documents by Post or Submit in Person

To be able to finalize your enrolment processes, you are required to deliver registration documents to the Student Resources Unit by post  or in person until the specified deadline by the Student Resources Office.  University enrolment of those, who fail to deliver below stated hard copy documents within the stated period, will be invalid. Please inform us via e-mail ( after you post your documents. 


Recipient: Ecenur Gökçeoğlu

Sabancı University, Student Resources Unit

Orta Mah. Universite Cad. No: 27

Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 216 483 9064


When you arrive at campus, you will do the following payments if you would like to accomodote on campus:

1. On-Campus Accommodation:
Please click here

Opening a Bank Account

The Campus branch of Akbank is located on the first floor of the University Center. ATMs are located on the first floor of University Center and D-2 Building.
Bank hours: 8:30-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 during the week from Monday till Friday.
To open a bank account, you will need a tax number from the related authorities. Also you need a Turkish phone number on your name, to be able to open a bank account.

Academic Advisors

Before your arrival an academic advisor will be assigned to you. You should contact him/her upon your arrival to discuss your course selection. He/she will be able to guide you with all your academic related questions. Please consider your advisor’s suggestion before you make any changes during the add/drop period.


Buddy Programme

The International Relations Office organizes a buddy programme to help all incoming students with all bureaucratic procedures. This means that  local students will assist you with registration and residence permit procedures. Buddies volunteer for this and in many cases they have themselves been exchange students abroad. This program is designed a smooth transition in this new culture.

Turkish Language Courses

The language of instruction at SU is English (with only a few exceptions). Still learning some Turkish can be very useful and students can find some opportunities during their exchange semester to learn this language. Basic Turkish I (TUR 101), Basic Turkish II (TUR 102), Pre-intermediate Turkish I (TUR 201), Advanced Readings in Turkish for Foreigners (TUR 403) are offered during each semester. Please check:  School of Languages

How to Find Out Your Mac Address

Those who bring their notebooks should send their MAC address to us for using their notebooks on campus.

How to find MAC address?