Useful Information


Estimated Costs

Exchange students coming to Sabancı University pay tuition to their home universities. However, other educational and living expenses need to be undertaken by the student. The average monthly expenses are estimated as 650-750 euro per month including room, board and other general expenditures.
As of August 2023, 1 Euro equals to about 29.57 TL. Click here for daily exchange rates provided by the Central Bank of Turkey.

Obligatory expenses are as follows:
• Residence Permit Card Fee: 160 TL 

• Health Insurance for Residence Permit: approximately 750 TL 

Other Expenses:
• On-Campus Accommodation: You may check the on-campus accommodation details by clicking here

Sabancı University does not provide any off-campus accommodation facilities for exchange students.


•    Book expenses (average per year according to the courses and classes), 800-1000 TL
•    Food expenses at the campus cafeteria monthly average (3 meals a day), 1800 TL
•    Incidental and personal expenses, monthy average, 500 TL
•    Dormitory lock renewal fee -if lost the key-, 110 TL

Average prices of some basic products and services
1 Bread (300 g) € 0.40
1 kg chicken € 3.5
1 kg meat € 8.00
1 kg potato € 0.70
1 kg tomato € 0.8
1 kg apple € 0.9
1 kg banana € 1.9
1 kg orange € 1.2
0.5 kg pasta (macaroni) € 0.5
1 kg rice € 2.00
1 kg sugar € 1.15
Water (1lt) € 0.30
Milk (1lt) € 0.5
Coffee (500 gr) € 4.00
Cheese (1kg) € 6.00
Beer (1 bottle) € 2.0

Here is the link for cost of living for İstanbul

Campus Shuttle:
From university to 4. Levent € 2.3
From university to Kadikoy € 2.2
Dolmus € 0.6 – 2.5 (depending on distance)
Taxi € 0.78/km
Ferry € 0.75
Subway € 0.75
Inner-city by Bus € 0.75
Inter-city by Bus € 20.00
Inter-city by Plane € 65.00
Newspaper € 0.25
Cinema ticket € 7.00
Concert ticket € 10.-20.00
Haircut € 5.00
Tip 10% of the bill

Refunds to the students who cancel their registration at Sabancı University or leave the dormitories are paid on a Turkish Lira basis calculated at the exchange rate of the initial payment, under the conditions stated below:
•    In order to get the refund, students should not have any unpaid balance to the University and should return all the goods and equipment provided by SU without any damage. No refunds shall be made for applications after add-drop period and for the students who do not complete their registration after the leave.
•    In order to get the refund of dormitory deposit, students should leave all the goods and equipment provided by SU without any damage. Deposit for the dormitory is refunded to students, provided that non damage is done to the dormitory.

Impressions of International Students

“My experience with the students at Sabancı University was entirely positive: I met-without nearly any exception- open minded and welcoming people that were very willing to relate to me, so that the feeling of being a stranger disappeared quickly”
Stefan Cihan Aykut
Exchange student from Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany

“Three things I like about SU: the kindness and hospitality of the students; the short distance to everything and the supply of communication facilities and English courses in any field!”
Martin Randrup Nielsen
Exchange student from Aarhus University, Denmark