The exchange programs candidates must fulfill the following requirements for application: 

1) Either to be registered in a diploma program at Sabancı University or fulfill the minimum credit requirement to make major declaration before the start of his/her exchange period.

Students can apply without declaring their major diploma program. However, they have to inform us about the diploma program they intend to declare during the application by stating it through online system.  The program you will declare in our system should be the same as the program you will declare during Major Declaration period to the university. At the end of the major declaration days stated in the academic calendar, we will also check it with your Faculty and Student Resources Unit.

If you are an undergraduate student, willing to obtain minimum credit requirement for declaration before the start of your exchange period, you are more than welcome to apply for the programs.

2) Minimum overall GPA requirement for undergraduate students is: 2.2 (by the time of application) & minimum overall GPA requirement for postgraduate students is 2.5 (by the time of application).

3) Undergraduate (UG) students who does not have ENG101 score cannot apply for exchange programs. UG students who does not have ENG102 score at the time of the application will be assessed as if they attained grade "C" for ENG102.

Important Note: As of 201701 (Fall 2017), English language score will be calculated by (SPS 101x 0,4) + (AL 102 x 0,6) according to the table English Proficiency Coefficients as of 201701.

NEW !!! You may read the document for the new rules about English Proficiency Coefficients for Outgoing Students' selection and placement as of 2020-2021.

4) Language proficiency on the language of instruction of the host insitution. 

5) No balance or responsibilities due to Sabancı University.

6) Students who are enrolled for Professional Graduate Programs cannot apply for exchange programs.

7) MBA Students cannot apply for main and late calls. There's a separate application process for MBA students only. MBA students receive this information from their faculty directly.

8) (For Erasmus applications only) If you have benefited from Erasmus (student mobility or placement) before, you should make sure that the total length of mobility at each level (undergraduate or graduate) - no matter the type of mobility – should not exceed 12 months.

9) Students who has disciplinary suspension during the term they are supposed to be an exchange student, wouldn't be allowed to go, as stated in Higher Education Council regulations, they would lose their rights as a student. Therefore, students with disciplinary suspension for the term they accepted as an exchange student, would lose their rights to go with Exchange programs.

Please note that students have the responsibility to:
-Check the "entry requirements" of the host institution you're planning to apply for via their institutional websites. After placements there will be an application procedure and you must get an acceptance letter from the host institution you've been placed. In order to be able to get acceptance, you must fulfill "entry requirements".
-Check which subjects are available for you. Please make sure to check the instruction language of the courses you wish to choose as well as the pre-requisities.
-Check the academic calendar to avoid time clashes.