Online Application for Outgoing Students

After you determine the universities you prefer to go, you may fill out the online form for application. Application for exchange programs will only be done online. Students will not be asked to bring or submit any hard copy document to our office. 

In order to make an online application and display the quotas & other important notes for the agreements, please check the HOW TO APPLY GUIDE !

Required Documents/Forms for Application:
- Online Form
- Transcript (you may upload your transcript taken from Bannerweb)
- Financial Commitment Form (signed by youand your guardian, scanned copy or photo)
- (Only for Graduate Level Students) Thesis Advisor Approval Form

** You can edit and submityour application form as many as you like until the given deadline. The latest version will be considered as you application document.

Before eligible students start submitting the online form, they should prepare up to 5 university preferences.

After you determine your preferences,
- Login
- Select your preferences
- Upload your Financial Commitment Form+ Transcript
- Save/Submit your application form

You can edit and submit your application as much as you like until the given deadline!