Tuition and Fees

For an academic year, the annual  VAT inclusive tuition fees for all international students studying in undergraduate programs including the English Language Preparatory Program are shown in the table below.

The payments for tuition can be made in 2 installments in the beginning of each term.


Tuition Fees for 2018-2019 Academic Year


Undergraduate Programs Tuition Fee

All Undergraduate Programs

18.000 USD


Remaining Tuition

100% tuition

0 USD + dorm fee**

75% tuition

4.500 USD + dorm fee**

50% tuition

 9.000 USD + dorm fee**

25% tuition

13.500 USD + dorm fee**

Free Accommodation Scholarship (for 4-person room)

18.000 USD


Graduate Programs Tuition Fees


Tuition Fee

All Engineering & Natural Sciences Master Programs

18.000 USD

per year

All Arts & Social Sciences Master Programs

18.000 USD

 per year


15000 USD

complete program

Professional MBA

16.000 USD

complete program

Master in Finance

11.000 USD

complete program

All PhD Programs

18.000 USD

per year


Living Expenses

The students can live on campus.Undergraduate students can live in a 2-person room or 4-person room.Graduate students can live in a 2-person room or single room.You can find the annual dorm fees as below. Other living expenses like book, meal, transportation will be around 3000-4000 USD per year.


Dorm type

Annual Fee

4-person room

2500 USD

2- person room

3500 USD

Single room

4500 USD


Book Expenses



Annual Fee

Depending on the courses

200-250 USD

Meal Expenses


Meal Expenses

Annual Fee

Main Campus Cafeteria

1000- 1500 USD