Graduate Programs


Graduate School of Social Sciences - Management Graduate Programs

 Masters in Finance [MIF]

 Executive MBA


 Professional MBA

 Business Analytics (Msc)

 Management [Phd]

Graduate School of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering [MSc.& PhD]

Computer Science and Engineering [MSc.& PhD]

Electronics Engineering [MSc.& PhD]

Industrial Engineering [MSc.& PhD]

Materials Science and Nanoengineering [MSc.& PhD]

Mathematics [MSc.& PhD]

Mechatronics [MSc.& PhD]

Physics [MSc.& PhD]

Manufacturing Engineering [MSc. & PhD]

Without Thesis Programs

Data Analytics

Energy Technologies and Management         

Information Technology

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Conflict Analysis and Resolution [MA]

Cultural Studies [MA]

Economics [MA & PhD]

European Studies [Masters]

History [MA & PhD]

Political Science [MA & PhD]

Public Policy [MA]

Turkish Studies [MA]

Visual Arts and Visual Communications Design [MA]