On the serene campus of Sabancı University, which is located far from the bustling city, students find facilities to meet all of their daily needs. Sabancı is the university with the highest student-housing rate in Turkey. 

Dormitories are designed for occupancy by two or four persons. Advantage of living on campus is the ability to attend group-study sessions and take part in club activities without spending a lot of time commuting. 

Other advantages to living in housing facilities are the various amenities and the reasonable prices. All dormitory rooms have showers and baths, wardrobes, and private telephones, as well as internet connections for all students. No curfews or "lights-out" policies are enforced. 

Students may study in private at their desks in their rooms, supplied with an internet connection, or take part in group-studying sessions at study halls located on each floor, where they can also access the internet. For a little fun and relaxation, common TV halls on all floors offer respite from studying. 

When it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, Sabancı University accepts only the highest standards. All areas are maintained by housekeeping personnel. Fully automated washing machines and dryers and ironing facilities are available to students free of charge in the dormitory hall laundry rooms. 

All students who are admitted to Sabancı University are entitled to stay at Sabancı University housing facilities for their first year. Out-of-city students have priority in housing allocation for their subsequent years.