Freshman Year



This is the most relaxed year of your life at Sabanci University with barely any pressure of studying which makes it the best year. I am going to layout an outline of all the Do’s and Dont’s of Freshman year for you all so that you have a heads up.

Written By Sabancı University Student: Vardah Muhammad

Classes generally start at 8 30 and go on till 6 30 almost every day. You will be taking compulsory university courses that all other freshman students have to take too so it is the perfect time to get to know the whole batch before everyone splits up into their own majors and faculties. A tip for you all is that DO NOT forget to apply for the English course exemption exam if your English actually is good besides the entrance English exam. This will give you a head start into the freshman year by allowing you to take other courses that you are interested in instead (We are allowed to take 21 credits in the first year and the university courses generally occupy them all and having an advantage of a course of your major earlier will make you thank me in the future). You can do the same for the Math course as well although, that will be a tough one to pass.

The courses in the first year are relatively easy. Do not take that for granted and think that the rest of the years will be the same. If you plan on doing engineering then this will probably be your best shot at getting a good GPA for the rest of the years to fall back on. So, do not take this year lightly.

Lastly, you should definitely join loads of clubs this year and take part in as many extracurricular activities as you can. It looks great on the CV, helps you build contacts and is just fun in general. This is the only year where you will easily be able to interact with the whole university and actually have time for it. Do take advantage of that.