Mobility for Staff Training (Exchange)

Erasmus+ Staff Training

Erasmus+ Staff Training funds university staff to spend a week developing themselves and their skills in another European Higher Education Institutes or enterprise. Staff training normally have duration of one week. Erasmus+ training periods support the professional development of university staff, as well as the development of involved institutions. Staff employed by SU may undertake Erasmus+ mobility for training. The training period may be in another university or any other appropriate organization. Training events abroad may be in the form of job shadowing, observation, attendance at workshops or courses etc. This may be for transfer of knowledge and good practice, to learn from shared experience, acquire practical skills or to discover new ideas for learning.

Please note that Conference attendance is not an eligible activity for staff exchange program!

Why Get Involved ?

 Opportunity to have training in Europe
 Generate new ideas and best practice
 Exchange expertise and experience
 Enhance the international dimension of your institution
 Develop your international networks

Who is eligible ?

Applicants must be employed by Sabancı University.

Where can you go ?

You can go to any of the following:
  ► Erasmus+ Partner Universities
  ► European Higher education institution holding Erasmus University Charter    OID List
  ► European Enterprise, Organization 

The European Commission have created a website detailing the staff training opportunities, such as International Weeks. You can find the website here.

The training activity can take place between 2 days and 5 days excluding travel time. 

 Selection Criteria  

· Administrative Staff at SU: +15
· Staff members who have never benefited from the experience: + 3 
(will not be applied to staff working at SU for less than 1 year)
· Any of the following: Maximum +1 
  An institution that has never been visited/A Country that has never been visited/ Application from a unit that has never been involved
· Work experience at SU: 0-2 (0), 3 (+4), 4 (+5), 5 (+6), 6 (+7) (Maximum +7 points)
· Permanent Staff: +5
· Child /spouse of martyr or veteran: +2
· Staff with disability: +7
· English Certificate of Competence: B2 level +8; C1 level +9; C2 level + 10                                                 
  Graduation from a university where the language of instruction is English will be considered as B2 level

· Holding the nationality of the hosting country: -5
· Planned activities in the hosting unit align with the staff's responsibilities: +4
· Mobility to acquire and develop digital skills: +2
· ***Staff affected by the earthquake: +2 (For calls as of 08.03.2023)

Duration of the Activities: 
The activity (visit) to a host institution can last min consecutive 2 to 5 days and preferably (5 days training + 2 days travel). The training activity should take place before the last date indicated in the exchange call that will be applied for.