How to Apply?

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching / Ref: 2020-1-TR01-KA103 and KA131

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching / Ref: 2019-1-TR01-KA103


1. You should have at least 50% full-time contract at Sabancı University
2. Sabancı University and the university to be visited should have Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility Agreement. (Please check the list)

What to do if you would like to have a new Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility Agreement?  Please note that Erasmus+ agrements can be signed with universities that have  Erasmus University Charter.


Once SU and the host university has Teaching Staff Mobility Agreement,this document must be signed and stampted by the host instution and you. It must be uploaded to the online application system. Please check our manual before uploading the signed teaching assignment form. Before filling out the form, faculty members are recommended to contact their colleagues at the partner institution to arrange the teaching activity. The teaching activity can take forms of lecture and seminar that should be fully integrated into the study programme of the host institution. Research activities and meetings at the partner institution are not considered eligible activities for Erasmus+ TSM. The number of teaching hours should be minimum 8 hours. 

Teaching Assignment Form-Mobility Agreement (Blank)

Selection Priorities

* Staff members  who have never benefited from the experience: +6  (will not be applied to staff working at SU less than 1 year)
* An institution that has never been visited : +1 (Please check the list)
* A Country that has never been visited: +1 (Please check the list)
* Work experience at SU: + n working years at SU (If n> 6 then the participant will receive max. 6 points)
* A visit to locations where we currently have Erasmus students studying +1 (Please check the list)
* Application from an unit that has never been involved: +1
* Benefiting from the programme  in the last 3 project years: (- n times x -3)
* Child /spouse of martyr or veteran +10
* Staff with disability +10
* Visiting country of nationality -10