Online Course Registration and Add-Drop Period


Your Questions

1- I am an undergraduate student. Can I take graduate courses? Are there any course limitations?

2- How will I do my course registration?

3- My user name and password do not work; I can not sign in the online course registration system. What should I do?

4- Can I still add the courses with time conflict?

5- What does "1st del" or "2nd del" mean on the system?

6- What is add-drop period?

7- Is there a quota restriction for exchange students in course registration and add-drop period?

8- Can I make any change on my course list after the add-drop system closes?

9- With whom should I contact for my matters on course registration, add-drop, transcript, student certificate, ID card or etc.?

10- What happens if I don't do my online coure registration during the announced dates?

11- What 'R' means? 

12- How many ECTS am I allowed to register for one semester as an exchange student ?




Our Answers

1- There are some limitations regarding exchange students' course registrations. Please check this page out.

Important Note: There may be some courses offered for graduate and bachelor level students, with the same name. Please be sure that you add the correct course with correct ECTS credit. All details are written in course lists.

2- All the incoming exchange students must complete their online course registration from the online course registration system through the link below: between the announced dates. Details about the course registration process will be shared by the Student Resources Office.

3- Please note that you will use the Student ID number stated in the acceptance letter as your "USER ID" and your birthday as your "PIN". For example if your student ID is 000188999 and birthday is 18th of May, 1985; then your user ID should be 000188999 and password should be 180585. Since your password is determined by SU Information Technologies Services according to your date of birth you indicated in the online application form in the beginning, If you had already made mistake when entering your date of birth into the first online application form, your password was identified according to this by IT Services. Please check your details from the online application form and try again.

4- Yes you may enroll in the conflicted courses on condition that you get the approval of the related courses' instructors. You can ask their approvals through the online registration system as well as via e-mail.

5- When a course is divided into two or more days, each class of that course is indicated as "del". For example if a 3-hour-course is given in 2 days as 1 hour on Monday + 2 hours on Thursday for example, "1st del" refers to the lecture of Monday’s and "2nd del" refers to Thursday’s. In sum, you just know that whatever it is "1st" or "2nd" del, they are one of the sequential lectures of the same course.

6- Add-drop period is the time that’s approximately 1 month after the courses begin in which you'll make changes on your SU course list through the online system.The respected add-drop dates will be shared by the Student Resources Office. It will be also published on Important Dates page. You may add new courses to your list depending on the course's requirement and availability. Or you can also drop the courses which you do not want to attend or be graded from.

7- In the course registrations NO, in the add-drop period YES. Please note that due to the course capacities arranged by all the faculties according to the features of each course, you may face with quota restrictions during the add-drop period. Thus, we suggest you to select your courses carefully in the registration period at the beginning of the semester in which no quota limitations applied for the incoming exchange students since they are given priority.

8- You can NOT make any changes on your course list by the time the online add-drop system is closed.

9- Please visit our Student Resources' web page for your enquiries:

(Please note that you should be SU member to be able to see this web page)
      You can also contact with Ms. Ecenur Gökçeoğlu:  (+90 216 483 93 66)

10- You will be in the "Not Registered" status which means you cannot attend to any course and accordingly you won't be graded at the end.

11- 'R' refers to Thursday whereas 'T' refers to Tuesday.

12- You are allowed to register at maximum 18 SU credits which approximately equals 36 ECTS.