Your Questions

1- Can I stay in the dorms until I find a flat in the city?

2- How early do dormitories open for us and how early should I come to the university?

3- If I arrive on Saturday or Sunday or at night, will there be any officer in the dormitories to give me the room key?

4- How many students will accommodate in a room?

5- Whom should I contact with for any matter about the dormitory?

6- I want to stay in a four-person room, is it possible?

7- Will there be any kitchen, TV or study room at our disposal? How are they?

8- Should I bring my bed covers, sheets?

9- When do we get to know that we will get a room on the campus?

10- When and where will I pay for the dormitory?

11- Can I pay for my dormitory by making money transfer before my arrival to Turkey?

12- Do I have to make the payment only by cash? Can I use credit card?

13- Can I make installment payments on my dormitory debt?

14- Before doing my payment to the bank, from whom should I get the necessary official document which displays my accommodation at dormitory?

15- Am I allowed to host my girl/boy friend in my room?

16- What should I do to get back my deposit which I have paid in the beginning of the semester?

17- Whom should I give my room keys when I am leaving?

18-What are the Covid-19 vaccination requirements for Dormitories ?


Our Answers

1- Unfortunately, this is not possible. You have to give your decision before arriving at SU. We have a very limited housing capacity on campus and we cannot be flexible.

 2- Two days before the orientation starts. For example, if the orientation is indicated as the 7th of Feb. on the academic calendar, it means you may not start to accommodate on campus earlier than 5th of Feb.

 3- Yes, there is always a person in charge waiting for the students. Don’t worry! 

Dormitories Night Officers

Phone : (216) 483 9932 – 9935 – 9945

Office :B1-G042 – B11-G042 – A4-G008

 4- If there are enough rooms, you'll be placed to double rooms. If not, you'll be placed in triple rooms. The single room are not offered for exchange students.

 5- Please send your e-mails to
Please also see the following list for the people in charge of your dormitory building:
     A1-A2-A6-D1B Buildings / Rezan Hasdemir / Office : A1-G034  
(0216 4839926)  Mail to:
     B8-B9-B12 Buildings / Şennur Kargı / Office : B8-G042 
(0216 4839934) Mail to:
     B1-B6-B7 Buildings / Bülent Aktaş / Office : B7-G042  
(0216 4839936) Mail to:
     B10-B11- B4 Buildings  / Gamze Ayık / Office : B10-G038
(0216 4839927)  Mail to:
     B2-B3-B5-F-G Buildings /Mehmet Deveci / Office : B3-G042
(0216 4839933)  Mail to:
     A3-A4-A5-D1A Buildings / Serdar Önce / Office : A3-G008  
(0216 4839938) Mail to:

 6- No. According to the regulations of the university accommodation services, all the incoming foreign students (no matter s/he's exchange or degree student) are to stay in double rooms.

 7- Yes. In the dormitories there's a shared kitchen, TV room (only in the ground floors) and a study room (in each floor). In the kitchen there are: 1 microwave oven, 3 cookers with electricity, 2 washbasins. There’re no flatwares or saucepans which you should have your own. (You can buy saucepans to a cheap price from the supermarket in the campus. But there're no flatware sold there, maybe you can bring or ask to the returning Erasmus students from our Facebook page). There is also laundry room in which there are 2 washing machines (free), 2 drying machines (free) and 3 irons (free). Please note that you should have your own detergent for these. In the TV room there is 1 TV (free and open for 24 hours), sofa sets, study table and chairs. Study rooms are open for 7/24 and there are also sofa sets.

 8- No. You don't have to bring anything for your bed. They are all clean and waiting for you to be slept on. Each week you can change your bed sheets yourself by asking to your dormitory building for the clean ones.

 9- Do not worry about that! Incoming exchange/degree foreign students are always given priority for the dormitories at Sabanci University. Before your arrival you'll receive our confirmation e-mail about your accommodation in dormitories.

10- You should do your payment upon your arrival to the campus. There is a bank branch, called 'Akbank', located in the university center near Copy Center

11- No. The payments are to be done directly in person by cash in the bank branch mentioned above. Swift payment is not acceptable. The reason for that is a little bit complicated but the easiest way to explain is that the university finance department constitutes a debt on each student through his/her Student ID Number for the dormitory payment. When the student goes to the bank, he/she just gives the student ID number and closes the debt. Therefore the system is based on closing the debt rather than making a payment. We hope that you and your families will understand this. Sorry for any inconvenience, yet the system absolutely works in this way.

12- Credit card is NOT valid. All payments are done by cash (Turkish Lira).

13- No. Installments are NOT available since the payments are expected to be done in the beginning of each semester.

14- Please find your dormitory responsible.

15- No. According to the university rules, all dormitory rooms are single-sex. In the public areas such as study room or TV room, mixed-sex students are of course allowed for 7/24. However, in the dormitory rooms students are only allowed to host their opposite-sex friends until 11:00 pm.

16- Please inform your dorm officer about your check-out date at least 7 days prior to your departure for your home country. Please keep in mind that back payment process takes a little bit time among the departments of finance, dormitories and bank. Therefore, in order to get back your money on time without having any problem before your departure, please give your check-out dates to the dormitories as earlier as you can. From 2 days prior to your departure you can go to the bank with your passport and get back your money by cash.

17- Please do not forget to leave your room keys to the related dorm officer in charge of your building. In case you’ll leave out of the working hours (very early in the morning or at night) please again find the person in charge of that building. Keep in mind that there is always someone in charge for 24 hours in your building.

18- Please check the following webpage for the details :